New AfPP Procurement Guide Features Monidrop IV Infusion Monitor

nurse using monidrop iv infusion monitor

Click here for the latest AfPP Procurement Guide, featuring Monidrop The Monidrop® infusion monitor has been designed for use in hospital wards and for home health care. It is a device that helps in the administration of an accurate amount of liquid. Monidrop® thus raises the standard of basic IV therapy, overcoming the inaccuracies associated…

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AfPP Formaldehyde Handling Poll Results 2019


AfPP Formaldehyde Handling Poll Results 2019 We recently conducted a survey on Formaldehyde Handling within NHS Pathalogy labs to gain insight into the potential issue of contamination/health and safety risks for staff working with formalin. To view the questions and percentage-based outcomes of the poll, please click the link below: If you would like further…

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