The graph below shows the vastly improved consistency in flow rate of the StableFlow vs a traditional roller clamp giving set.

StableFlow chart_A3

The Monidor StableFlow is designed to give a far more consistent flow speed and ease of control than standard gravity sets controlled with a roller-clamp. StableFlow uses a dial mechanism to control the flow rate, however, unlike traditional dial sets there are no numbers printed on the set as these are inaccurate due to a range of factors.

Use StableFlow with Monidrop and IV Screen remote monitoring for the gold standard in gravity-based IV therapy!

  • Improved consistency of flow rate

  • Ease of control

  • Reduced risk of inaccurate fluid therapy

  • Cost-effective

SF100 StableFlow 100

StableFlow is designed to work with the Monidrop IV Fluid Monitor that attaches to the drip chamber and accurately calculates flow speed plus total volumes infused. This negates the need to guess flow speed or manually calculate speed by counting drops and leads to improved patient safety with less risk of over or under infusion. Used in conjunction with the IV Screen remote monitoring, we offer the gold standard of gravity based IV therapy.

Monidrop’s accuracy highlights the poor performance of many gravity IV sets with roller clamp control. Whilst this may not be regarded as an issue for some gravity infusions, Monidrop visualises this problem and displays reductions in flow speed, particularly in the first 10 minutes after setting a target speed as highlighted in the graph.

This can lead to inaccurate fluid therapy if the flow rate is not checked and adjusted regularly. StableFlow will keep a consistent flow rate for far longer periods, meaning that fewer adjustments are needed to maintain accurate fluid therapy and patient safety.

Discover how StableFlow can reduce your costs and improve your IV service.

Key Features: 

  • Improved consistency of flow rate
  • Ease of control
  • Reduced risk of inaccurate fluid therapy
  • Cost-effective

Can be used with:

  • General purpose IV solutions
  • Regular nutrients
  • Medications including Antibiotics

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