OTIOM – Monitoring Device for People With Dementia – For Private Homes

It is estimated that two-thirds of people living with Dementia in the UK are still living with home. Otiom offers peace of mind to people who are living with Dementia and their loved ones.

  • For family, caregivers and people with dementia

  • Simple to operate and manage

  • Efficient – works up to a month on one charge

  • Alarm system triggers instantly with location indicated

  • Easily washable and sterilised

For most properties, a starter kit should be all that is required to use the Otiom system. The Otiom starter kit consists of three hardware elements; the Otiom tag, charger and home base device. You can also purchase each of these elements separately to keep a spare tag, spare charger or an additional home base for larger properties.

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Otiom is a unique, discrete tagging device which dementia patients/family members can easily carry, Otiom utilises rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) technology ensuring safe, reliable tracking indoors and out whilst increasing battery life way beyond other tracking devices, cost effectively. Furthermore, the Otiom-app makes it simple to clearly define safe zones, which are areas where the person with dementia is allowed access to without being monitored and any immediate concern.

Otiom comprises of:

The Otiom-tag

Tracking device for persons with dementia. Can be carried around in a pocket, on a safety strap, sewn into clothing or mounted on a cane or walking frame. Battery life: Up to one month!

Otiom Home Base

The small wireless Home Bases must be placed in the apartment of the person with dementia as well as in common areas. The Home Bases communicate with the Otiom-tags and keep the tags in power-save mode while the residents are in the nursing home. Battery life: 3-4 years.


For caregivers or relatives.
Available for iOS and Android.

As described above, the two main areas the Otiom device is designed for are private residences and care homes. Moreover;

The Otiom can be managed using a smartphone and a safety zone can be set outside the personal home or care facility, including surrounding gardens or community areas. If the person with dementia leaves the safety zone, an alarm will be triggered and the Otiom-app will show the current location, allowing you to quickly attend to them and ensure safety is maintained.

Is Otion-tag waterproof?

Yes, the Otiom-tag is waterproof, it can be disinfected and can be machine-washed at up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Why does Otiom have a much longer battery life than traditional GPS devices?

Otiom uses several new technologies, which together result in very low power usage for the Otiom-tag.

How do I charge my Otiom-tag?

The tag is charged wirelessly on the accompanying charger. Connect power to the charger using an adapter plugged into a wall socket. When the charger has power, it will blink three times. Place the Otiom-tag in the middle of the charger. When the charger emits a solid light, the tag is placed correctly.

The Otiom-tag can run for up to one month on a single charge, and it can be fully recharged in 2 hours.

What do the different lights on the charger indicate?

  • Solid blue = The tag is charging
  • Solid green = The tag is fully charged
  • Blinking turquoise/blue = The tag is not connected to the charger. Remove the tag and place it on the charger again, possibly rotating it. If the charger continues to blink, please contact support@otiom.com.

No light, even though the tag is placed on the charger: If the charger emits no light, it is because the tag is turned the wrong way. Turn the tag over.

Does Otiom also work indoors?

Otiom can locate someone both indoors and outdoors.

Otiom is the only solution that can locate residents both indoors and outdoors.

It can help you when a resident is hiding in a room or has wandered during an outing.

How do you carry the Otiom-tag around?

The Otiom-tag can be carried or mounted in many different ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • Around the neck with the accompanying neck safety strap. The safety strap can easily be shortened and attached to a belt, for example. Then the tag could be carried in a pocket.
  • In a coat pocket
  • In a bag
  • Sewn into the lining of your coat, bag, etc. The Otiom-tag can handle machine washing at up to 60 degrees Celsius, and you can charge it wirelessly directly through the lining.

Mounted on a walking frame, a cane, wheelchair, etc.

Does Otiom provide constant tracking?

Otiom only locates a person once it is necessary. By not keeping the individual with dementia under constant surveillance, the person retains their . This means freedom – both for the individual with dementia as well as relatives and caregivers.
Otiom respects the user’s privacy. Therefore, Otiom cannot be used for ‘constant surveillance’, where you are continuously monitoring someone or something. When Otiom was developed, users, relatives and industry experts indicated that there was no interest in monitoring or being monitored around the clock. This is why Otiom only locates the user when the alarm is triggered.

Otiom considers it important that users understand that their data is being processed appropriately. We are therefore in compliance with all rules and regulations on data protection.

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