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Monidrop –  An IV drop counter that can improve nursing efficiency and patient safety

The Monidrop system consists of three elements; 1) the Monidrop device itself is an IV drop counter, measuring the flow rate coming down the drip chamber of gravity IV sets; 2) our special giving sets   which are essentially dial flow sets without any numbers printed on them – users would get flow speed information from the Monidrop devices; 3) the IV screen remote monitoring software platform which allows Nurses to monitor vital infusion information from a central computer for all patients in the department.


The Monidrop device is not only an IV drop counter; it can be used in conjunction with specialised IV Screen remote monitoring software. This allows Nurses to input how much fluid or medication they want to infuse for each patient and over how long. The software then calculates the target infusion speed for each patient and will flag up any infusions that subsequently start running too fast or too slow by 30%.


Monidrop attaches to the vast majority of gravity IV sets and will accurately monitor the speed of infusion and total volume infused by counting drops. Some gravity giving sets with roller clamps are poor at holding consistent speeds and are difficult to control. Therefore, we can supply the Monidrop economic flow regulator which is essentially a dial-flow giving set without any numbers printed on the dial. Users will instead take the speed from the Monidrop device for full accuracy.


The Monidrop IV drop counter technology, in association with our giving sets and remote monitoring, ensures the best possible method of administering IV therapy when volumetric pumps are not available or practical. Contact us to discover how Monidrop can improve your IV therapy service and increase Nursing efficiency.


Please contact us for further information on the Monidrop IV Drop Counter at mail@pentlandmedical.co.uk or 0131 467 5764

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