Pentland Medical Announces Partnership With AvMA – Action Against Medical Accidents

We are delighted to announce that we are a Partner for Patient Safety with AvMA – Action against Medical Accidents.

AvMA is a charity for patient safety and justice. Their purpose is to support people affected by avoidable harm in healthcare; to help them achieve justice, and to promote better patient safety for all.

Partners for Patient Safety is AvMA’s corporate membership scheme which enables companies and public bodies to align themselves with the cause of patient safety and support the vital charitable work that AvMA does.

Managing Director, Stewart Munro said:

“The Pentland Medical team are delighted to be working with AvMA as a partner for patient safety.

As a leading healthcare company, offering unique patented solutions, we appreciate that provision of safe healthcare is more challenging than ever. Promoting and selling our solutions are only the beginning of an ongoing journey to ensure the healthcare professionals are supported fully in using the products effectively, efficiently and safely.

Our corporate relationship with organisations such as the AfPP, and now AvMA, are invaluable in the excellent two-way communication required in our efforts to continually update our knowledge and awareness of overall safety in the working environment. A safe working environment for staff is a major component of patient safety.

Working with AvMA, we can enhance our communications network and active role in supporting improvements in patient safety.
We look forward to developing our relationship with AvMA and supporting their crucial work of improving patient safety”

You can learn more about AvMA and their work on their website at the following link –