Sterile Tourniquets Prevent Surgical Site Infection

single-use tourniquet prevents surgical site infection

  HemaClear® is a sterile exsanguination tourniquet that is used during limb surgery to provide a bloodless surgical field. It replaces the pneumatic tourniquet and the Esmarch bandage that have been in routine use for over 100 years. There is an increased risk of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) with non-sterile pneumatic tourniquets, whereas the sterile…

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NICE Medtech Innovation Briefing Supports HemaClear Tourniquet for Bloodless Surgical Field

HemaClear 1

NICE MIB Supports HemaClear Tourniquet for Bloodless Surgical Field During Limb Surgery [Click the link above for the full referenced NICE MIB article] Medtech innovation briefing [MIB187] Published date: July 2019 We are pleased to announce that the NICE Medtech Innovation Briefing has been completed and published in July in support of our unique all-in-one HemaClear Tourniquet…

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