Otiom – The World’s First IOT Based Device, Designed To Prevent People With Dementia From Becoming Lost

Pentland Medical are pleased to announce that we are the exclusive UK outlet for Otiom – the world’s first system that communicates on the Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network.

In the UK alone, research shows that there are over 850,000 people living with Dementia and this number is forecast to increase in the coming years. Roughly 50% of all people living with dementia have a tendency to wander or become lost. This can be the cause of great concern for families and carers.



Otiom is the result of many years research with input from caregivers, researchers, associations, municipalities, people with dementia and their relatives.

Otiom works by creating a virtual safe-zone in or around the residence of anyone living with Dementia. This is set depending on the severity of their condition and considers a variety of factors.

The person with Dementia will wear their Otiom tag and if they leave the designated safe-zone or breach any of the other conditions such as time limit, loved ones or carers will receive a notification via the Otiom app – at which point they will be able to see the location of the user and track them down before they potentially come to danger.

Safety levels

The Otiom platform has been designed with six safety levels to cover the entire spectrum of requirements, depending on the severity of the users condition. Unlike other systems that can invade privacy by tracking people 24/7, Otiom has been designed to offer maximum freedom and security by only tracking when necessary.

At the lowest level, Otiom will not track the user unless manually triggered by a concerned carer or loved one. This would typically be used for someone in the early stages of dementia and offers the highest level of privacy and dignity with optimum safety.

At the highest level, caregivers will receive a notification as soon as the user leaves their designated

More information

  • Otiom recently featured on the Leaders Council. You can see their article by clicking here.
  • Otiom was recently nominated in a competition for the Innovative Digital Solutions For An Accessible Europe

If you are interested to learn more about Otiom in the UK then contact Pentland Medical:

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Where to buy

We are pleased to announce that Otiom is available on our website for direct purchase in the UK with an option for VAT relief.

HMRC guidance states that any products specifically designed to assist people considered chronically sick or disabled, are eligible for VAT relief.

Otiom has been designed specifically to assist people living with dementia and their carers and therefore qualifies for VAT relief.

We are also offering customers the option to rent Otiom for a monthly fee and the first month free of charge.

You can see further information on our website by clicking here.