HMRC guidance states that any products specifically designed to assist people considered chronically sick or disabled, are eligible for VAT relief.

Otiom has been designed specifically to assist people living with dementia and their carers and therefore qualifies for VAT relief.

Am I Eligible?

The government guidelines state that you must either be:

  • Purchasing on behalf of a registered charity in the UK


  • Purchasing as, or on behalf of someone, who is chronically sick or disabled.

If you are unsure, you can read the full guidance from HMRC at the following link - Additionally, you can contact HMRC on the following number - 0300 200 3700. Please ensure that you are eligible before claiming VAT relief, as false claims are an offence and penalties will apply.

Additionally you can contact Pentland Medical directly on 01314675764 or by email –

Ordering process when claiming VAT relief

You will be asked to tick one of three boxes when ordering Otiom directly on our website:


  • I am eligible or I am representing someone who is eligible for VAT relief
  • I represent a registered charity that is eligible for VAT relief
  • I do not wish to claim VAT relief


Depending on the option you select, you will either be asked for the name of the person you are ordering for and the name of their condition. If representing a charity, we will ask for the registered charity number. If you select the third option, we will apply the standard rate of VAT to your order.

Please note that our standard delivery fee does not qualify for VAT relief and therefore the standard rate of VAT will be applied to delivery costs.

Important Information

We are required to record the details of all customers who have claimed for VAT relief including names, addresses, details of medical condition as we may need to present this to HMRC on request.