Medical device supplier to the NHS and Private Sector

30 years of experience in the medical industry

Unique products with genuine clinical advantages

Whole system value ethos

Who Are We?

As a medical device supplier with over 30 years of experience, we provide the NHS and private healthcare sector with unique, innovative products across a range of disciplines. Our dedicated teams, covering the UK, are committed to improving patient and staff safety, whilst raising awareness of new patented products from across the world with the aim of improving healthcare.

We work alongside healthcare professionals, both clinical staff and those involved in procurement, to develop emerging practices that ultimately improve both patient and staff care, as well as clinical outcomes.

Who We Work With

We are also members of the AfPP, AAGBI, NIVAS and BARNA, and avid sponsors of numerous medical technology conferences and events across the country. Please view our channel feed for the latest conferences.

Innovel is an affiliate of Pentland Medical and has been created with the purpose of working with the same profile of product – innovative and patented medical devices. For more info, click here.

To talk to a member of our specialised team, call 0131 467 5764

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