Investigate the time of colonic passage and the rhythm of elimination with radiopaque markers.

  • High quality radiopaque markers - Available in two proven formats

  • Cost effective

  • 100% vegan capsules

Available Items
BMT6R20 Bowel Motility Markers 6/box
CTT3X2V10 St Mark's Config. Transit Markers 6/box (3 pairs)

Bowel Motility & 3 X 2 (St. Marks Configuration)

Colon Transit Markers have been widely used in various forms for many years. There are various different test protocols, some users simply purchase low grade radiopaque shapes and perform in house studies on Colon Transit.

In the current climate of CE marking and quality standards, we believe that this is simply not scientific or consistently reproducible. Working together with St. Mark’s Hospital, London and JEM Medical GmbH, Pentland Medical devised two different Colon Transit Test types.

Both test types comprise of high quality radiopaque markers encapsulated and packaged in foil bubble wrap. The tests are fully CE marked and supplied as consistent high quality products with a shelf life of three years. Both test types are now widely used in hospitals throughout the UK.

Key features

  • Available in Two Proven Formats: St. Mark’s & Bowel Motility
  • Single X-Ray for Analysis
  • Cost Effective
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Capsules are 100% vegan.

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