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What is Dementia?


What are the signs of Dementia?


What are the different types of Dementia?


What's the difference between Alzheimer's and Dementia?


What is the relationship between Dementia and Parkinson's?


How long does Dementia take to develop before you see warning signs?


What is the likely course of decline for someone with Dementia?


Is there a chance of recovery from Alzheimer's?


What are the risk factors of Dementia and how do I overcome these?


How can I support someone living with Dementia?


What tools are available for me to help a relative with Dementia?


How do I communicate best with someone living with Dementia?

Technological Aids for Dementia


Choose The Right Location System

Location systems for people with dementia utilise different technologies and work in different ways. Here you can see a summary.


Aids For People with Dementia

The right aids may help memory or provide reassurance for people with dementia and their relatives - for example location systems and electronic calendars.


Ethical and Technical Challenges of GPS Transmitters

GPS monitoring can save lives when people with dementia wander. However, there are both ethical and technical challenges with the GPS system.

Otiom Monitoring Device

Otiom Prevents Persons with Dementia from Getting Lost

At the same time, Otiom ensures that if someone wanders, they can be found quickly and safely.

Why Choose Otiom?

  • Developed in collaboration with relatives, caregivers and people with dementia

  • Easy to use

  • Superior battery life

  • Triggers an alarm on your smart phone as soon as the person with dementia strays out of the safety zones, and indicates their location

  • Can be disinfected and machine-washed

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