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B05UK22 Furine External Catheter Kit 1 Box
B06UK22 Furine External Catheter Kit with Odour Control 1 Box
A00UK11 Furine Medical Skin Wipe Box of 30
A01UK10 Furine Medical Adhesive Remover Spray Box of 6
B20UK10 Furine Adhesive Barrier Film Box of 5
B10UK10 Furine Faecal Collection Bag Box of 10

Caring for critically ill and therefore very vulnerable patients, that suffer from faecal oozing, is a challenging and often complicated task, that demands a lot of time and resources.

Furine is the first non – invasive faecal catheter on the market.

It is a unique, low-cost and non-invasive device, that allows nurses to care for critically-ill patients. It comprises of two physical elements; a flange with a soft, silicone adhesive to stick to the patient’s skin and silicone tubing with an attached collection bag and charcoal filter. Also included in the set are; two medical wipes to prepare the skin before application of the Catheter, the Furine Adhesive Barrier Film, which creates a protective barrier on the skin and enables the bond between the Catheter and the skin, and Catheter Applicator for ease-of-use.

With a focus on the patient, Furine´s products are developed improve the safety and comfort of the patient. Furthermore, they help to ease the caregivers’ workload, and support hospitals and health care systems in cost-effectiveness.

When Furine is used on the patient

  • The Nurse can assess the patient’s needs, and how she can help him and guard his dignity and integrity

  • No physical discomfort due to faecal oozing

  • Cuts risk of infection

  • The patient has a better quality of life and less of negative impact on self-image and emotions

  • No odour

External Faecal Catheter is non-invasive and has a skin-friendly, strong two component silicone adhesive system, that attaches the catheter to the perianal skin.

The adhesive attachment flange of the catheter consists of a unique, soft, and elastic silicone, that is developed to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, and to ensure the comfort of the patient.

Furthermore, the flange is formed to fit the perianal anatomy.

Additional Features

  • The soft and elastic adhesive silicone flange ensures patient comfort and reduced risk of pressure ulcers.
  • External Faecal Catheter has an applicator that supports the application of the catheter and ensures proper attachment and bonding to the perianal skin.
  • A silicone tube diverts the liquid stool to a collection bag, that can attach to the bedside with a secure locking mechanism.
  • The collection bag is equipped with a charcoal filter to reduce to reduce odour.
  • After ended use the collection bag can be securely closed with the attached lid eliminating the risk of spillage.
  • The External Faecal Catheter Kit includes two Medical Skin Wipes used to prepare the skin before application, Adhesive Barrier Film which is part of the unique two-component adhesive system and a Faecal Collection Bag.

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