ViriMask – supplied with 2 filters and disposal envelopes

Virimask, a new solution for enhanced user safety and comfort, against Viral exposure!

Frontline healthcare workers in the NHS and many individuals are wearing facemasks to reduce risk of contracting coronavirus, whilst also minimising the risks of touching their noses and mouths. However, even N95 masks cannot fully protect the vulnerable area. Any blocked viral particles stay on the mask’s surface and pose a hazard when handled and thrown away. Furthermore, facemasks don’t cover eyes. 

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The Covid-19 pandemic has left us vulnerable and unsure of how safe we are in the workplace or how much to venture into public. The lack of proper PPE against the coronavirus continues to be a problem. Wearing a cloth or surgical mask can help prevent the spread of Covid-19, but that’s not reliable. Before ViriMask, the N95 mask was one of the most well-known equipment used by key workers for protection during Covid-19. Even though N95s were meant to be disposed of after a single use, medical staff on the front lines are often using a single N95 for a week or more. Then what happens? The material degrades. The elastic ties weaken. The gaps between mask and face widen further, meaning that even more unfiltered air is sneaking around the sides of the mask.

Your mask for life, offering the highest-level protection from all pathogenic threats

Virimask has evaluated and identified the weaknesses of the N95 to develop a more effective product in regards to personal protection, bacterial and viral filtration and comfort of breathing. The final protocol has been developed to reflect these advantages. Overall, ViriMask offers an unmeasurable benefit to the public and those protecting the public, protecting the NHS and saving lives. Ensuring efficient PPE is in place will not only support bring the pandemic closer to an end, but also be a solution for the future virus protection.

Filters more than 99.99% of Covid-19

ViriMasks high filtration system is designed to protect against 99.995% of all particles sized 0.1 micron and above including the coronavirus. Current masks on the market such as the N95 capture only 95%. This improved level of protection has been achieved without sacrificing user comfort in long term use with 60 hour filters.


Virimask has developed to cover the eyes in addition to the mouth and nose due to the growing body of research indicating eye conjunctiva is a point of entry. Most current masks such as N95 only cover the mouth and nose. ViriMask was designed to function in all settings, from Hospitals to care homes. Consistent testing shows that the ViriMask adds no burden to your breathing. It’s just as easy to breathe while wearing the ViriMask as it is with no mask at all. Comfort equals safety in situations where it’s important to leave the mask in place.


ViriMask has been designed for a lifetime use. ViriMasks plastic-free frame is easy to clean. Most masks on the market are disposable and made from plastic. We recommend wiping the mask with an alcohol wipe every time it is removed (e.g. for eating). We further recommend washing the mask and harness in water and soap after wearing it for a day. This will keep the interior free from unpleasant scents.

Key Advantages of ViriMask

  • Excellent personal comfort: Minimal skin pressure for extended wear, suitable for all NHS shift lengths
  • Clear communication- impressive audible communication
  • CE marked and laboratory tested- exceeds N95’s 0.3 micron particle protection
  • Environmental consideration; re-usable mask. The frame is made from 100% recyclable, elastic biocompatible materials
  • Designed for a lifetime use, easy clean in soap and water or alcohol/chlorine wipes
  • Low resistance filtering ensures maximum respiratory flow- allows comfortable breathing!
  • Cost and environment effective 60-hour filters
  • Integrated eye protection; prevents ocular infection/contamination
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Everyone’s face is different. The ViriMask was designed to form an air-tight seal around the face without any need for a laboratory fit test. The straps are easy to adjust so that the edges of the mask are fit and comfortable on your face’s contours. Once your mask is in place, you can test the air-tight seal by placing the filter cover over the filter, covering the hole in the cover with a finger, and inhaling. The edges of the mask will tighten, and you can verify that no outside air is coming in around the filter.

We are now offering fit testing for ViriMask, which will be conducted upon request by a qualified fit tester. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

Virimask™ cartridges with filter-disposal bags; 60 hours guaranteed use option, supplies with storage pouch for in between uses.











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