Crystaline and TempAlert Indicator Strips work by taking the temperature of the skin, however the reading is adjusted to show a trend indication of oesophageal core temperature using an algorithm.

  • Cost-effective way of continually and non-invasively monitoring core temperature

  • Will last up to 48 hours, providing that skin contact is not broken

  • Predominantly used on the forehead, although they can also be used on the carotid, femoral or brachial arteries

Available Items
5101-C Crystaline 100/box
8501-II TempAlert 100/box

Pre/Intra/Post‐Op Core Temperature Trend Indicators

Temperature monitoring in the holding area has traditionally been done orally or with infrared tympanic thermometers. This can create inconsistencies between readings taken by other electronic methods later in the OR and in recovery. Understanding the peri‐operative temperature “trend” is critical to achieving satisfactory patient outcomes. With the Crystaline indicator, temperature readings are consistent and instantly available. 

Forehead Temperature Indicator Strips have been used on more than 65 million surgical patients. Easy to use, non- invasive and inexpensive, temperature strips are a good alternative to electronic probes. Leave them on during your patients stay in PACU for easy monitoring. These temperature strips are adjusted to display the equivalent of core temperature. Crystaline forehead strips are ideal for use with laryngeal mask airways, and mac, or regional anesthesia when you don't have to intubate. Stays with patients from pre-op to PACU.

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