The Power of Webinars in the Healthcare Industry – Presented by Jamie Munro

Jamie Munro – Sales Manager of Pentland Medical – Presents:

The Power of Webinars in the Healthcare Industry

{Featured as part of the B2B Marketing Expo – 18th November 2020}

Due to our experience in the field of digital communications and our longstanding relationship with the GoToMeeting team, our Sales Manager – Jamie Munro – was asked to produce an informative and anecdotal presentation that highlights our current evolution into the world of webinars and how they have proven to be very powerful in our goals to market products and provide support to the NHS.

As early adopters of the GoToMeeting platform back in 2016, Pentland Medical have strived to encourage the use of new digital platforms as an alternative means of communicating with healthcare professionals and an extensive client base within the NHS and private sector. Remote training sessions and meetings have provided a solid foundation for many years, allowing the team to liaise with overseas suppliers and manufacturers; easing the obvious difficulties associated with working in different parts of the world.

Our webinar series has proven extremely popular with existing customers and potential customers. We aim to provide educational content on a range of issues in healthcare and relate them to our solutions which can help.

Given the current global climate caused by the recent pandemic, digital communication has seen an even more significant rise to prominence with the vast majority of businesses now adapting to the use of digital conferencing and remote communication from the home and office spaces.

Here are the main topics covered in Jamie’s B2B Marketing presentation:

  • Pentland Medical – The Company Profile
  • The Difficult Climate of the Healthcare Industry
  • Digital Technologies and the Future
  • Methods of B2B Marketing – The Pentland Medical Approach
  • Our Initial Impression of Webinars – is it worth it?
  • Webinars and the Learning Curve
  • Planning a Webinar
  • How to Market Your Webinar and Structure Content
  • Useful Features of your Webinar
  • The Aftermath of a Successful Webinar Campaign