Innovation and Patient Safety during Covid-19 – Free Webinar

Tired of inaccurate infusions of manual IV therapy? Thinking of ways of reducing reliance on infusion pumps?

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We show you how to address inaccurate infusions of manual IV therapy and reduce reliance on volumetric pumps.

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The Monidrop® (Monidor Finland) IV fluid Monitor allows for accurate delivery in infusion speed, target volume and speed and total volume infused. The system is portable, chargeable, and compatible with most commonly used drip sets (20 drops/ml). Additionally, when used in conjunction with the IV Screen remote monitoring software application, allows Nurses to remotely monitor details of several infusions in real-time on a computer or mobile device. The Monidrop device attaches to the drip chamber and shows on the screen:

  • Infusion speed
  • Total volume
  • Treatment duration

Flow rate can be adjusted by using the administration set’s roller clamp – the infusion speed is shown on the system’s screen (ml/h). Monidrop® monitors the infusion but does not adjust it. It has a series of built-in alarms which indicate if it is outside the measurement range of 6ml/h to 1200ml/h, or if the battery is low.

The wireless connection enables remote monitoring, thus allowing the system to be used in both acute and home care settings. The information obtained from the Monidrop device is transmitted wirelessly to the IV Screen and from there, Nursing staff can set target speeds for each patient by inputting the total volume of fluids they would like to infuse and over how long. If the infusion then starts to run too fast or too slow, this will flag up on the screen and prompt the Nurse to adjust the infusion speed. Trials are currently ongoing for COVID-19 patients in isolation with positive results showing a reduction in unnecessary patient contact to monitor infusion speed.

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