Formalin Spill Kits

   Formalin Spill Kits for staff safety in the healthcare environment

Please view our range of formalin spill kits below and learn about daily formalin decontamination, control sets for small spillages, and full emergency response kits for larger spillages in Theatres or the Pathology/Laboratory environment. More information on the Novok Range can be found here.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reclassified Formaldehyde as a 'Carcinogenic for human beings'. Formalin is the most widely used fixative in anatomical pathology, which is a cause for concern among healthcare professionals based in laboratories who are exposed to potentially harmful vapours/contaminated work surfaces.

formalin spill kits - daily decontamination spray

Anti-Formalin Solution

Novok® is a patented solution that can quickly decompose formaldehyde molecules on contact, without leaving any residual behind.

formalin spill kits

Control Set for Small Formalin Spills

The Novok-s® + Novok-pow® Set is specifically designed to be the ideal solution against daily formalin.

emergency formalin spill kits novok

Emergency Response Kits for Formalin Spills

Novokit® is an emergency response kit specially designed to safely contain and clean up to 2.5L of spilled formalin.