Alternative to N95 Face Masks for Frontline NHS Staff

Alternative to N95 Face Masks for Frontline Healthcare

Learn more about Virimask in comparison to different face masks and the varying levels of protection they provide at our free webinar on Wednesday the 23rd of September at 10 am UK time. You can register by clicking here.

Virimask – The New Full Face Alternative to N95 Face Masks to Protect Against Coronavirus and Other Viral Threats


Alternative to N95 Face Masks for Frontline Healthcare




Most frontline healthcare workers are currently wearing N95 face masks to avoid breathing coronavirus particles and to reduce the instances of touching the nose and mouth areas. However, even N95 masks can’t fully block virus particles. Any blocked viral particles stay on the mask’s surface and pose a hazard when handled and thrown away.

Alternative to N95 Face Masks for Frontline Healthcare

The Virimask offers full protection of the nose, mouth and eyes; a suitable alternative to N95 face masks, which only cover the nose and mouth. The mask is designed to last a single user a lifetime and uses high quality filters which require replacement after 60 hours. The filters will block particles down to 0.1 micron, which is more effective than the common N95 mask which filters down to 0.3 micron. The ViriMASK is strapped around the head, covering the eyes with a see-through visor and the nose and mouth with protected with a disposable filtering component. The mask can be washed easily with alcohol wipes and is reusable, which is cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.


  • ViriMASK™ Protective Oculo-Respirator is designed to prevent certain airborne contaminant particles from reaching the respiratory system and the eyes of the person wearing it. It will also prevent the wearer from emitting such contaminants.
  • ViriMASK™ is designed to be worn by healthcare personnel to protect both the patient and provider from transfer of microorganisms, viruses, body fluids, and particulate material.
  • ViriMASK™ V60 Filters are guaranteed to maintain their protective abilities for 60 hours of use. A Filter Cover is provided to cover the filter when not in use.


Further Advantages of Virimask:

  • Superb Seal: Completely sealed to outside air penetration; the N95 allows air to penetrate
  • New 60-Hour filters (V60), upgraded from 12-hours
  • Integrated Eye Protection: Prevents infection/contamination through the eye
  • Exceptional Ventilation: Breathing area 5X larger, low air flow resistance, and more comfortable breathing
  • Superb Personal Comfort: Minimal skin pressure for extended wear
  • Environmental Consideration via Reusable Mask: Can be washed and disinfected
  • Easy filter replacement, packaged for safe disposal
  • Easy to don, can be washed or disinfected