ViRIMASK™, An Evolutionary Advance in Viral Facemask Protection for Coronavirus! A paradigm Shift in Future Management of Viral Threats

The ViriMask is a full face mask for the NHS and all frontline healthcare workers currently dealing with covid-19 crisis and lack of sufficient PPE. Most current masks (N95) are limited in continuous use and are not particularly comfortable, or hygienic in longer term wear.

ViriMASK is strapped around the head, covering the eyes with a see-through visor and the nose and mouth with protected with a disposable filtering component. The mask can be washed and reused. The filters must be replaced after 60 hours of use and disposed safely via the envelope provided. The mask is designed with comfort and fit in longer term use in the design DNA. Fresh filters must be changed every 60 hours. The 60 hour filter supplied comes with a storage pouch for in between uses.

Virimask is designed to last a lifetime with good care, simply wash in soap and water or wipe with alcohol wipes. Covid-19 is the current major concern. However, pathogenic threats are a continual threat, Ebola, SARS and MERS are widely recognised challenges in recent years. Virimask, can be stored ready for use in future threats.


  • ViriMASK™ Combines Maximum Protection and Maximum Comfort against micron-size particles
  • Bacteria & viruses including COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
  • Exhaled aerosols
  • Environmental aerosols
  • ViriMASK™ Exceeds N95/Surgical Mask Protection:
  • Full face mask protection for all frontline healthcare workers


  • Superb Seal: Completely sealed to outside air penetration, whereas the N95 allows air to penetrate
  • Higher Filtration Rating: Protects against 99.99% particles, N95/Surgical Masks protect 95%… just not good enough in today’s crisis conditions
  • Integrated Eye Protection: Prevents infection/contamination through the eye
  • Exceptional Ventilation: Breathing area 5X larger, low air flow resistance, and more comfortable breathing
  • Superb Personal Comfort: Minimal skin pressure for extended wear
  • Environmental Consideration! Reusable Mask: Can be washed and disinfected. Easy filter replacement, packaged for safe disposal
  • Easy to don, can be washed or disinfected

Information on the Current Crisis!

Coronavirus is a challenge the world has not faced in a century. Many news items highlight exhausted nurses with face bruising from continuous hours wearing mask protection;

Virimask is designed with maximum fit comfort and respiratory comfort performance in long term use!

Many people are wearing face masks to avoid breathing coronavirus particles, and to keep from touching their noses and mouths. However, even N95 masks can’t fully block tiny virus particles. Any blocked viral particles stay on the mask’s surface and pose a hazard when handled and thrown away.

  • Existing Disposable Masks are an environmental hazard; Envirionmental issues from existing masks, Virimask addresses this with the disposable filter seal envelopes supplied!
  • General use of effective Facemasks - The only European nation adopting general face maskwearing
  • Evidence that higher level protection produces safer experience – the Sky news item on gas mask approach for protecting healthcare workers. Furthermore, the equipment shown at 3.20 looks like it has enormous dead space meaning respiratory work rate equally large.

Viral Spread.
Interesting work by Aalto University in Helsinki on recent research into Covid19 virus spread in the supermarket. If the person coughs and does not cover their mouth. The droplets will take minutes to expand. The yellow is the virus impact and the blue is the wet droplet impact on the hard surfaces.
3D simulation video

Interesting Belgian Study on spread
Corona virus spread

Why Virimask is so effective and a solution beyond Covid-19!

ViriMASK™ provides a Barrier-Frame around the nose, mouth and eyes (shown schematically in red).

This frame is made from elastic biocompatible materials with compliant sections according to the wearer’s face softness and is designed to fit snugly to the wearer’s skin surface. Proprietary replaceable filter cartridge, adjacent image, contain pleated HEPA H14 and is sealed to the Barrier Frame. While the ViriMASK™ is essentially durable, the filter cartridge will need to be replaced daily.

Virimask is designed to last a lifetime! The mask stays with you! only increased filter production will be required to supplement your existing supply.

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Virimask, a new solution for enhanced user safety and comfort, against Viral exposure!


ViriMASK Replaceable Filters

Virimask, a new solution for enhanced user safety and comfort, against Viral exposure!