How to Reduce Infection Risks and Theatre Time with Hemaclear Tourniquets – Free Webinar

How to reduce infection risks and theatre time with Hemaclear tourniquets

Looking to reduce infection risks and theatre time during Orthopaedic Surgery?

Join us on our live webinar with the Pentland Medical team and Professor Noam Gavriely – inventor of the Hemaclear tourniquet – where we aim to provide an overview of the sterile tourniquets and discuss why Hemaclear is a necessity in every Orthopaedic Department. From infants to adults, Hemaclear offers clinical, timesaving and even cost-saving advantages.

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Reusable Pneumatic Tourniquets and related machinery are a potential cross-infection risk in operating theatres during orthopaedic surgery. There are many studies that support this assertion. Covid-19 has clearly highlighted the need for surgical alternatives and Hemaclear provides the ideal solution; reducing capital equipment expense and eliminating reusable items that are an infection risk. The unrivalled exsanguination performance also provides a superb patient-friendly clear surgical field.

Advantages of HemaClear over Pneumatic Tourniquet

  • Sterile, single-use device with superior exsanguination of the limb
  • Less preparation and setup time and reduced cross-infection risks
  • Reduce unnecessary equipment and cleaning required between patients
  • Narrow tourniquet gives larger sterile field
  • Supplied in a range of colour-coded sizes to suit any type of upper or lower limb Orthopaedic Surgery, from paediatrics to large adults

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