Efficient, Precise Intravenous Therapy

Covid-19 has exposed the shortfall of some vital equipment; ventilators are the headline product. However, volumetric infusion pumps are another example of equipment being transferred to ICU, leading to a severe shortage for normal requirements. Hospitals, already poorly equipped with adequate pumps, urgently require reliable methods of monitoring IV infusions.

Monidrop attaches to the vast majority of gravity IV sets and will accurately monitor the speed of infusion and total volume infused. In many cases, this is a suitable alternative to the use of an infusion pump with less consumable cost and maintenance.

Monidrop IV Fluid Monitor and Remote Monitoring Monidrop-W and IV Screen software.

The current Covid-19 situation also highlights the ability to reduce close patient contact time can be important in exceptional circumstances. Monidrop will travel easily with the patient and is low maintenance, easy to use extremely easy to clean. Furthermore, we understand the current pressures on ICU departments and lack of infusion pump availability, with Monidrop proving to be a suitable alternative across wards to ensure patient care and monitoring standards are maintained in stressful times and nursing staff shortages.

New features that enhance the Monidrop-W device for improved patient care and workflow efficiencies for nursing staff:

Monidrop W

The Monidrop device and IV Screen software support the vision of improving digital technology throughout the NHS with big data policies at the forefront. 

We can provide Monidrop as a stand-alone drip counting device or in conjunction with the IV Screen remote monitoring software. The device is an affordable alternative to Infusion Pumps and we can produce large quantities with a short lead time.

Please view our recent Monidrop testimonial video on-site within the community setting at Butler Green

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