Otiom The World’s First IoT based Tag and
Alarm System Ensuring Dementia Patient Safety and Well-Being


Otiom is a unique, discrete tagging device which dementia patients/family members can easily carry, Otiom utilises rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) technology ensuring safe, reliable tracking indoors and out whilst increasing battery life way beyond other tracking devices, cost effectively. Furthermore, the Otiom-app makes it simple to clearly define safe zones, which are areas where the person with dementia is allowed access to without being monitored and any immediate concern.

Otiom Enquiry

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Otiom comprises of:

The Otiom-tag

Tracking device for persons with dementia. Can be carried around in a pocket, on a safety strap, sewn into clothing or mounted on a cane or walking frame. Superior battery life.

Otiom Home Base

The small wireless Home Bases must be placed in the apartment of the person with dementia as well as in common areas. The Home Bases communicate with the Otiom-tags and keep the tags in power-save mode while the residents are in the nursing home. Battery life: 3-4 years.


For caregivers or relatives.
Available for iOS and Android.

As described above, the two main areas the Otiom device is designed for are private residences and care homes. Moreover;

  • The Otiom can be managed using a smartphone and a safety zone can be set outside the personal home or care facility, including surrounding gardens or community areas.
  • If the person with dementia leaves the safety zone, an alarm will be triggered and the Otiom-app will show the current location, allowing you to quickly attend to them and ensure safety is maintained.
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Otiom Key Points

  • Developed with family, caregivers and people with dementia as the primary focus.

  • Simple to operate and manage

  • Superior battery life

  • Convenient alarm system triggers instantly, ensuring you know the location of the person requiring attention

  • Easily washable and sterilised

Designed with Safety at the Forefront

Otiom’s design is the result of numerous tests and discussions with dementia sufferers and the positive impact it can have on the lives of their relatives and carers. Based on a neutral design; the Otiom-tag does not feature a confusing interface or a complicated button layout which could distract users or patients.

The Technology

The Otiom-tag is derived from the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This allows for a more robust battery, enabling Otiom to be one of the most reliable tag devices on the market currently.