IV Infusion Monitor Webinar:

Tuesday 5th of November at 11am

Pentland Medical would like to invite you to a webinar presentation, featuring our exciting new device for IV Infusion Monitoring in the hospital ward and community care setting - Monidrop. Places are limited so it is advisable to sign-up for the IV Infusion Monitor Webinar as soon as possible!

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Safe Intravenous Therapy for Every Patient


The Monidrop IV Fluid Monitor is an exciting new device available in the UK. The small and easy-to-use device works with most gravity IV lines and will accurately monitor flow rate, alerting staff if the flow rate falls outside of the pre-determined parameters. Monidrop can lower costs when an Infusion pump is not entirely necessary - leading to consumable cost-savings and increased efficiencies. This webinar will run through all of the benefits of Monidrop and give the audience the opportunity to view Monidrop in action and ask any questions to our live panel of experts