The Novok Formalin Staff Safety Webinar:

Thursday 12th of March 10.30-11.30am

Pentland Medical would like to invite you to our webinar presentation, featuring the most effective formalin staff safety solution for Laboratories and Theatres.

In this webinar, we will highlight the problems with current practices and the products currently used to deal with Formalin spillages. We will then introduce the Novok range which is a complete set of solutions designed to manage all levels of exposure from daily use, to small spillages all the way up to larger spillages of 6 litres. The presentation will include the key advantages of the Novok system, video demonstrations and a live q&a with the product specialists.

The Complete Staff Safety Solution
for Daily Decontamination and Spillage Control


Our full safety solution – The Novok Range – is currently the most effective solution available and is designed to decompose formaldehyde molecules on contact, without leaving any residue behind; ensuring staff safety is the highest priority. The active ingredients we supply are Novok, Novok-POW and Novok-S to ensure daily decontamination of surfaces, as well as spillage control. Furthermore, our full emergency kits (with additional safety apparatus) easily handle up to 6L of spilled formalin

formalin spill kits - daily decontamination spray

Anti-Formalin Solution

Novok® is a patented solution that can quickly decompose formaldehyde molecules on contact, without leaving any residual behind.

formalin spill kits

Control Set for Small Formalin Spills

The Novok-s® + Novok-pow® Set is specifically designed to be the ideal solution against daily formalin.

emergency formalin spill kits novok

Emergency Response Kits for Formalin Spills

Novokit® is an emergency response kit specially designed to safely contain and clean up to 2.5L of spilled formalin.