Facilitates the preparation of any limb prior to surgery.

  • Ten times reduction in skin bacteria prior to surgery - Reducing the risk of infection and improving patients safety.

  • Alleviates the need for lifting the limb during surgery - Reducing the risk of employee back injuries

  • Reduces theater time, cost and wastage.

The PAL Sleeve – Pre-Anaesthetic Limb Sleeve – is designed to facilitate preparation of any limb prior to surgery. The longer is sleeve is applied to the limb, with the disinfectant in place, the more effective the sleeve is in the reduction of skin bacteria. The sleeve is supplied sterile in sealed packaging. Once the package is opened the sleeve is slid onto the leg and the upper seal is positioned adjacent to the tourniquet as high up on the leg as possible.

The sleeve is used prior to patient anaesthesia in the pre-op space, allowing the patient to cooperate wherever possible. This factor eliminates the need for potentially hazardous patient handling. When the sleeve is in place, the skin prep can be introduced to the sleeve. This is achieved by lift the cover off the port and introducing the preparation agent. The cover is then replaced. The patient can then assist in ensuring that the entire leg area is coated. The skin preparation is assisted by the sponge, which is found sterile as part of of the sleeve.

Key features

  • Reduces costly OR time
  • Reduces Wastage
  • Ten Times Reduction in Skin Bacteria Prior to Surgery

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