Pentland Medical recently announced an agreement with Olberon Ltd to promote the Vacuderm product range in the UK.


Vacuderm is a unique single-use combined vein inflator tourniquet, incorporating a dome which creates a negative pressure to distend the vein local to the intravenous access site. The product is de

signed to aid intravenous needle insertion for cannulation, blood collection and drug delivery.

Cannulation, where needles are inserted into the veins of patients, is the most widely performed invasive medical procedure in the world. Venous access enables medical professionals to sample blood, and administer fluids, medicine, chemotherapy and more.

However, cannulation is a traumatic procedure for many patients, and often this trauma can intensify when practitioners fail to successfully cannulate first time due to poorly pronounced veins.

Vacuderm, not only enhances vein visibility, but can actually increase the cross sectional area of the vein by up to 60% and VEIN temperature through its expansion ( enhancing visibility and accessibility). An infrared study published in the British journal of nursing provides independent evidence supporting the claims.

Pentland Medical managing director, Stewart Munro, commented: “Failed cannulation attempts are not only expensive, but traumatic for the patient. Vacuderm increases the chances of cannulating on the first attempt by enhancing the tourniquet effect and distending the targeted vein in preparation for the insertion of an IV catheter.

“Vacuderm fits well with the Pentland Medical portfolio as a unique and patented device, providing a simple solution to a problem that is evident across a variety of settings throughout healthcare.” Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

According to research, each failed cannulation attempt can cost as much as £33 and increases infection risk for patients. Vacuderm can be used in both adults and children and essentially inflates the vein, making it easier to find and cannulate for medical professionals to reduce the likelihood of procedure failure first time.

Pentland Medical have already showcased the product at two medical conferences in October, including the Operating Theatres Show at London’s Hilton Metropole, and the 12th Annual Association of Anaesthesia Associates Conference in Coventry, Warwickshire.

Vacuderm, will also feature on the Pentland/Innovel, DiT sector at Medica, in Dusseldorf, November 15-18.