Your Safety is as Important as Your Patients!
Please click here for the latest feature on SecurBiop in the AfPP Procurement Guide, March 2019 Edition (Pages 6-7)

SecurBiop® and FORMALeasy® are based on a patented “closed system” technology, that prevents any kind of contact – direct or indirect (vapours) – with the formalin used to fix histology specimens. All this, combined with an exclusive design that plays an important role in terms of safety, allows SecurBiop® and FORMALeasy® to be numbered among the safest products in the world. What’s more, they are extremely easy to use. We also provide total solutions to equip laboratories and operating theatres with the best products for the collection, transportation and storage of biopsy specimens. The work carried out within these areas is extremely important and delicate, that’s why a safe and totally risk-free environment is essential. This represents a benefit for health professionals, while helping them provide their patients with a top-quality service at the same time.