Ensure efficient patient circulation and respiration during epidural or spinal anaesthetic procedures performed in a lateral position with the inflatable Shoulder-Float device.


  • During an epidural or spinal anaesthetic procedure performed in a lateral position, patients with a moderate degree of sedation are partially aware and sensitive to discomfort in their shoulder
  • Unlike pre-formed roll pads or rolled up blankets, the Shoulder-Float evolves to meeting changing pressure on the brachial plexus and axillary artery and thus assures adequate decompression at all times
  • Shoulder-Float does not compress over time as blankets or foam may do so, again, there is adequate pressure relief at all times.


  1. Is easy to place under the patient
  2. Reduces work-related back injuries for staff by reducing manual lifting of the patient
  3. Provides even weight distribution of the patient on the OR table in a lateral position
  4. This produces less pressure on the chest wall than use of a jelly roll, saline bag or rolled blanket
  5. Is adjustable before and during surgery, thereby assuring adequate decompression of the shoulder at all times
  6. Is extremely useful for heavy or arthritic patients.

Key features

• Inflatable Axillary Support Cushion Provides Even Weight Distribution for Surgical Patients

• Infinitely Adjustable During Surgery Enabling you to Assess and React to the Patient’s Needs

• Reduces Risk of Ischemia and Nerve Damage in the Shoulder Area while in a Lateral Decubitus Position

• Positions for Proper Circulation and Respiration

• Deflates for Easy Storage

Available Items
PPE-1505 Shoulder Float 5/box
PPE-1525 Pelvic-Tilt 5/box