Provide continuously adjustable support during caesarean sections and other surgical procedures with the inflatable Pelvic-Tilt device.


Pelvic-Tilt for use in obstetric and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) cases. 

Pelvic-Tilt is specifically designed to provide easy insertion and a wide range of adjustment. Optimum positioning promotes proper circulation and respiration while reducing/eliminating ischemia and nerve damage due to compression. It can be placed underneath the patient and inflated using the hand-press bulb, until you have the desired positioning. It can then be easily deflated using the 3-way stopcock.

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Key features

• Designed to Lift the Patient’s Right Hip 20 to 40 Degrees During Caesarean Sections and Lengthy Deliveries

• Reduces Compression of the Vena Cava and/or Aorta, thus Promoting Blood Flow to the Foetus

• Un-Inflated Tab Section Anchors the Positioner in Place, Preventing Lateral Movement

• Deflates for Easy Storage

Available Items
PPE-1505 Shoulder Float 5/box
PPE-1525 Pelvic-Tilt 5/box


The Pelvic-Tilt can also provide continuously adjustable support during surgery of the hip, kidney, leg, ankle or foot.