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Monidrop – IV Infusion Monitor

Proper intravenous therapy for every patient with a small and easy-to-use tool


The Monidrop® infusion monitor has been designed for use in hospital wards and for home health care. It is a device that helps in the administration of an accurate amount of liquid. Monidrop® thus raises the standard of basic IV therapy, overcoming the inaccuracies associated with the manual measurement. Over 90% of hospitalised patients receive IV fluid therapy, which makes it one of the most common invasive treatment procedures and a critical component of modern medicine.

Cost Savings

Complications can be reduced with accurate intravenous (IV) fluid therapy. This can result in shorter hospital stay and reduces costs. Additionally, common infusion sets are suitable for Monidrop®, which in turn will save costs in consumables as much as over 80% compared to devices which require dedicated infusion sets.

Helping Nurses

Monidrop® helps nurses set the infusion speed accurately, control the IV therapy better and reduce the risks of mistakes. Monidrop® is very useful with antibiotics, basic fluids, blood products and nutrition.

Patient Safety

Many research articles prove that inaccurate IV therapy can cause extended hospital stays, complications and even severe injuries[3]. Basic IV therapy is very often conducted manually without any assisting device, which makes it prone to errors. The Monidrop® infusion monitor is designed to improve the quality of care in a manually adjusted IV therapy.


Key features

  • Suitable for common drip sets
  • Quick clip to the drip chamber
  • Wireless connection as an option
  • Chargeable
  • Light indicator and audio alarm
  • (for IV infusion status and any malfunction)

Touch screen display shows:
– Infusion speed
– Total volume
– Time
– Targets (volume and speed)

Can be used with:
– General purpose IV solutions
– Blood products
– Regular nutrients
– Antibiotics


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