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EyeGard – Alternative to Micropore Tape

Discover why you should not use tape – protect your patient’s eyes effectively and reduce patient trauma with EyeGard, hypoallergenic eye pads.


Many operating theatres in the UK do not comply with the ‘Association of Perioperative Practice’ recommendations on patient eye protection during anaesthesia. It is commonplace to tape patients eyes with general purpose tape or costly gel wound dressing. The AfPP recommends ‘eye-pads fit for the purpose should be used for patient eye protection during anaesthesia.’

EyeGard is designed specifically for eye protection against corneal abrasion and other common hazards encountered during anaesthesia. EyeGard comprises of a specially formulated, mild adhesive that helps to provide a consistent, even pressure on the eye. This not only reduces bruising, eliminates eyelash removal and minimises disease transmission, but also helps the cornea stay moist throughout procedures, preventing corneal abrasions. The coloured tabs allow access to the eyes at any time for checking and maintaining optimum eye condition. Ensure your patients are protected effectively.

We supply three varieties of EyeGard: Mild Adhesive, Standard Adhesive and Paediatric. The Mild version is the most favourable in the United Kingdom as it is the most delicate on the skin. The Standard version is more applicable for longer procedures as the material is more porous.

Key features

  • Safe and Transparent Eye Protection with Breathable, Waterproof Seal
  • Simple Alternative to Sticky and Potentially Cross-Contaminating Tape
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Provides a Simple and Economical Alternative to Wound Dressings
  • AfPP endorsed literature

AfPP 2015 Image


The Risks of Taping Patients Eyes During Anaesthesia - Pentland Medical.pdfThe Risks of Taping Patients Eyes During Anaesthesia – Pentland Medical.pdf

AfPP 2015 Endorsement Image

 EyeGard literature is endorsed by the AfPP.

Available Items
S2020 EyeGard – Standard 50/pk
S2020-M EyeGard – Mild 50/pk
S2020-P EyeGard – Pediatric 50/pk