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Crystaline Temperature Indicator Strips

Accurately record patient core temperature pre, intra and post-op with Crystaline temperature indicator strips.


Temperature monitoring in the holding area has traditionally been done orally or with infrared tympanic thermometers. This can create inconsistencies between readings taken by other electronic methods later in the OR and in recovery. Understanding the peri-operative temperature “trend” is critical to achieving satisfactory patient outcomes. With the Crystaline indicator, temperature readings are consistent and instantly available.

When surgical complications may be manifested, there can be long periods of time when patients are not monitored for temperature. With the Crystaline indicator in place throughout surgery and recovery, there are no interruptions in monitoring, and you can be sure that comparative readings reflect changes in the patient, not in the monitor.

Key features

  • Hygienic, Accurate and Reliable
  • One Patient, One Strip
  • Over 50 Million Used Per Annum
  • Low Cost and Non-Invasive
  • Latex and DEHP Free
Crystaline Temperature Trend Indicators Combine Economy with Reliability.

When your budget requires paying close attention to expenses, do it without sacrificing reliability. Crystaline lets you monitor both your costs and your patients at the same time. Understanding the perioperative trend is critical to satisfactory patient outcomes. Three million Crystaline temperature indicators are used annually in the United States alone!

The Reliability of an Electronic Probe Without the Electronics, or the Probe.

Not only is Crystaline less expensive than disposable probes, it also eliminates hidden costs, such as maintenance, repairs, and inventory associated with electronic monitoring. As standardisation occurs, Crystaline is the ideal choice to replace many of the temperature devices typically stocked in anaesthesia.

Available Items
5101-C Crystaline Temperature Strips 100/dispenser