Cable Jacketz

Avoid contamination of medical cables and reduce trip hazards by implementing Cable Jacketz.


Made from an extremely durable, vinyl-coated polyester fabric, Cable Jacketz save valuable time and money by consolidating and streamlining cable management. A heavy duty zip design allows the user to add and remove cables from the Cable Jacketz quickly and easily.

Medical equipment hoses, cables and cords have been deemed one of the top three trip hazards in the hospital environment. Cable Jacketz consolidates the cabling making it more visible and compact. The patented design takes just moments to clean (32-40% time saved) and eliminates the unsightly mess and tripping hazards created by tangled medical cords. They are also microbial resistant, mould/rot proof and guaranteed to last.

View our video below and discover the risks associated with contamination from communally used patient care equipment.

Key features

  • Instant Cable Consolidation
  • Mitigates Trip Hazards
  • Provides Environmental/Equipment Infection Control
  • Includes 1-Year Warranty
  • Microbial, Flame, Fluid and Mould Resistant Material


Custom Sizes and Colours Available. Give us a call now on: 0131-467-5764 to arrange a quotation.