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Theatre and Anaesthetic Products

Please browse our range of anaesthesia and operating theatre products. We specialise in malignant hyperthermia crisis management with activated charcoal filters, patient eye protection during anaesthesia with EyeGard, nasal ala pulse oximetry sensors for use in ICU and poor-perfusion cases, limb sterilisation sleeves, non-invasive patient temperature monitoring, cable management solutions, patient positioners, and drape clamps. If you have any questions, please feel free to use LiveChat (bottom right) in order to ask one of our Sales Team a question. Alternatively, you can request free samples.


EyeGard – Alternative to Micropore Tape

Discover why you should not use tape – protect your patient’s eyes effectively and reduce patient trauma with EyeGard, hypo-allergenic eye pads.

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Nasal ALAR SpO2 Pulse Oximetry Sensor

The Nasal Alar SpO2 Sensor is uniquely designed to take advantage of the robust vascular physiology of the nasal ala, suitable for use in ICU, ITU and Critical Care.

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Vapor-Clean Filters for MH Cases

Anaesthetic machine preparation for MH-susceptible patients and MH crisis management.

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Jaw Elevation Device – JED

The JED (Jaw Elevation Device) is a non-invasive device which maintains an open airway in situations when breathing is in danger of being compromised.

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PAL Sleeve – Pre-Anaesthetic Limb Sleeve

Facilitates the preparation of any limb prior to surgery.

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Patient Temperature Monitoring

Accurately record patient core temperature pre, intra and post-op with Crystaline temperature indicator strips.

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Hospital Cable Management Solutions

Organise your environment inexpensively and protect against the spread of bacteria.

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Adjustable Patient Positioning Devices

Ensure comfortable patient positioning with our inflatable products.

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Drape Clamps

An industry standard in drape clamping. Peach Clip!

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