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Medspira Breath Hold – Respiratory Motion Control

Enhanced breathing precision for procedures targeting the lungs and upper abdomen with Breath Hold.


A New Paradigm in Respiratory Motion Control

Medspira Breath Hold provides a new paradigm in respiratory motion control. Developed by physicians at Mayo Clinic, the device enables patients to accurately self-monitor their own breath-holds or controlled shallow breathing based on biofeedback provided by an easy-to-read display. The device provides efficient, convenient and affordable respiratory motion control that also has been shown to shave time off many procedures.

Designed for Streamlined Operation

Requiring minimal set-up and easy to use, Breath Hold works by measuring changes in abdominal girth due to patient respiration. It combines an expandable bellows system and transducer tube, which wraps around the patient’s chest or stomach to gauge lung pressure. For monitoring, a reference point, typically either an inhale or exhale, is selected. After selection, the monitor’s central lights communicate when patients have reached their respiratory targets, while additional lights visually alert them if they stray from their desired hold position. To support a reproducible shallow respiratory pattern, patients strive to keep their breathing within a central group of lights.

Breath Hold enables a full range of specialists previously unable to address the problems of respiratory motion to help take control.  It also provides a practical, versatile alternative for RT suite with more complex, time-consuming motion control technology already in place.

Here is a new study published in the U.S that examines the Impact of incorporating visual biofeedback in 4D MRI.

Key features

  • Restricts Target Tissue Mobility Through Consistent Breath-Holds or Controlled Shallow Breathing
  • Relies on Biofeedback for Proactive Patient Breathing Control
  • Greater Patient Comfort and Ease of Use than other Radiation Therapy Respiratory Motion Control Technologies
  • Enhanced Reliability and Ease of Use Compared to MRI Respiratory Motion Control Technologies
  • Enables Respiratory Motion Control for Interventional Radiology
  • Portable, Standalone System with Easy Patient Set-Up
  • Simple and Intuitive Operation
  • Affordably Priced