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Infection Prevention Products

Our main focus within infection prevention is providing antimicrobial solutions for leg ulcer clinics and wards in UK hospitals.

Antimicrobial Liners for Leg Ulcer Treatment – PathAguard® LUCA®

Antimicrobial Liners for Leg Ulcers and Patient Wounds

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Antimicrobial Bed Bathing System – PathAguard ABLiS©

Antimicrobial bed bath and fluid management system.

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EyeGard – Alternative to Micropore Tape

Discover why you should not use tape – protect your patient’s eyes effectively and reduce patient trauma with EyeGard, hypo-allergenic eye pads.

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Cable Jacketz

Avoid contamination of medical cables and reduce trip hazards by implementing Cable Jacketz.

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Patient Temperature Monitoring

Accurately record patient core temperature pre, intra and post-op with Crystaline temperature indicator strips.

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