Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

In our striving to improve patient and laboratory safety, as well as infection prevention and general hygiene, we have forged strong working relations with other like-minded medical companies in the UK and overseas, particularly with those who are able to provide ground-breaking products.


Sharn Anesthesia





CMC Hygea


Jaw Elevation Device – JED

The JED (Jaw Elevation Device) is a non-invasive device which maintains an open airway in situations when breathing is in danger of being compromised.

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PathAGuard LUCA Liner for leg ulcer treatment step 1

Antimicrobial Liners for Leg Ulcer Treatment – PathAguard® LUCA®

Antimicrobial Liners for Leg Ulcers and Patient Wounds

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Patient Temperature Monitoring

Accurately record patient core temperature pre, intra and post-op with Crystaline strips.

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Hospital Cable Management Solutions

Organise your environment inexpensively and protect against the spread of bacteria.

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