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I’m Stewart Munro, of Pentland Medical. Whether you work in the laboratory or hospital environment, there are improvements to be made in infection prevention and patient safety. I’d like to offer you a special gift to show you how this can best be achieved: a free copy of my new guide, "The Importance of Infection Prevention & Patient Safety 2014".

A recent study found that 18 percent of infections are due to contaminated, communally used equipment. Among other things, beds and patient anaesthetic trollies are wheeled around from room to room, whilst any cables, pipes and hoses associated with the equipment become extremely dirty simply by lying around on the floor. Currently, there is no policy associated with cleaning this communal equipment, in spite of it harbouring the bacteria that cause almost a fifth of infections.

Moreover, the litany of cables, pipes and hoses is a dangerous trip hazard, which is extremely risky in a live operating theatre environment. There are, however, ways of reducing both the infection and the patient hazard risks. Custom-made, antibacterially coated cable jackets, for instance, can tidy up cables, make them less likely to harbour bacteria and easier to clean as well.

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Some of the topics I cover inside include:

  • How various regulatory guidelines from NICE, IPS, APP and more influence healthcare
  • The constant battleground fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Simple solutions for keeping safe
  • Why contaminated communal equipment is a risk in many different healthcare sectors

And much more besides!

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